Herring is not only a delicious, but also a healthy product. It is a precious source of vitamins - А, D and В12, selenium, iodine, phosphorus. Moreover, herring is a real depository of fatty acids Omega-3, they cannot be produced by human’s body but nevertheless are very important. These acids contribute to power growth of the body in its resistance to heart and blood vessels diseases and ageing; stimulates reduction of cholesterol level in blood and improves skin, hair and nails condition.
Presence of healthy acids Omega-3 generally is determined by herring fatness, that’s why it’s so important to let herring acquire more fats. Meanwhile, even the fattest Norwegian herring has fewer calories in comparison with a low-fat brisket of pork, but more advantages due to well-known acids Omega-3. By the way, in doctors’ opinion, these acids should present obligatory in the meal of those people, who struggle against overweight and try to keep a healthy life-style or observe a mild fast.