Company information:

  • The staff includes about 4000 people;
  • More than 500 types of products;
  • Trade representatives in more than 80 cities of CIS countries;
  • Certified systems ISO 9001 – 2009, , IFS, for the moment the company works on acceptance of MSC- certificate.


On March 30th, 1998, Joint Belarusian-German Venture «Santa Bremor» was registered as a resident of Free Economic Zone «Brest».

In July, 1999, the enterprise started a vigorous activity. Since that
moment the building process of the manufacturing complex had started
on the territory of FEZ «Brest», and at the beginning of May, 2001, the
official opening of a new fish-processing complex took place.

Since then the enterprise has been extending constantly due to the launching of new workshops and development of new product types.

At that moment competitors as well as the majority of companies in Belarusian food industry couldn’t equal in equipment and technologies level of «Santa Bremor».

Hereby «Santa Bremor» was the first company on the post-Soviet area that had organized the manufacturing process of preserves in a vacuum package under the trade-mark “Matjas” and had developed an innovative product — capelin caviar in sauce (TM “Caviar 1”).

With the launching of this product in 2001, that doesn’t have any analog in the world, the company has created a new segment on the market of fish finished products — caviar spreads. At the same period manufacture of red caviar was organized in Brest. The raw materials for this purpose have been supplied from Alaska and the Far East of Russia.

In 2004 a new stage of the company’s development started. Within only 9 months a new manufacturing complex was built.

By the time of its start-up more than 500 workplaces were created. With implementation of a new manufacturing complex the company entered new high-competitive segments of the fish-market – manufacture of surimi-products, salmon and seafood.


2008 year was marked for the company by the company: the building process of a new plant for herring fillet products manufacture started. Such a plant doesn’t have any analogue in Western Europe. A custom-made plant is equipped with up-to-date Dutch and Iceland equipment that allows to produce ready-made herring fillet in a careful and delicate way.


For the moment «Santa Bremor» has been developing its own logistic system very actively. In October, 2010 a new logistic complex was opened in the frames of this system in Kiev (Kievo-Svyatoshinskiy District). Nowadays a similar complex is being built in Moscow.

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