Company Presentation

"Santa Bremor" is one of the largest food manufacturers in Europe. Production is carried out by six modern factories located in Belarus and Russia. Each production site is state of the art equipment from world leading manufacturers, automated production and innovative technologies. Production excellence set by the company ensure perfect quality and consummate taste of food products.

The company combines more than 20 brands. Brands "Santa Bremor", "Russian Sea", "Matias", "Babushka Anya", "YUKKI", "TOP", "Soletto" are among the most recognizable in Belarus and Russia.

Food Categories

"Santa Bremor" is a multi-product manufacturer. Over 1,000 products are annually produced in 13 categories: Herring, Salmon, Caviar, Capelin caviar in sauce, Spreads, Seafood, Seaweed, Surimi, Canned fish, Semi-finished products, Ice cream, Water and Beverages

Modern Production

More than 20 years of work in the market allowed the company to gain invaluable experience and become an expert in the production of fish products, ice cream, frozen semi-finished products.

Long-term cooperation with the best producers of raw materials from 20 countries of the world makes the company "Santa Bremor" a reliable supplier of qualitative food products

Quality and Safety

To ensure sustained quality of manufacturing range, the company's production processes are certified according to quality management system and safety (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), ISO 9001, IFS (Standard for auditing quality and food safety of food products), BR (Global standard food Safety), ISO 5001, ISO 14001.


So that consumers from different countries could enjoy products of "Santa Bremor", an effective distribution system has been created. Own distribution companies successfully operate in Belarus, Russia, the Ukraine, Moldova. Products of "Santa Bremor" are sold in 37 countries.

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