Principles and Values

«Santa Bremor» is a foodstuff manufacturer that was founded in 1998. As a result of longstanding work in the market the principles and values were formed in the company, basing on them we tend to establish relationship with the personnel, our partners and society.

The key principles for us are the following:

  • Satisfaction of customers’ demands for healthy foodstuffs of a high quality.
  • Ecological safety measures in the production process and safety ensuring of the manufactured products.
  • Innovation implementations which are able to improve the quality of manufactured products.
  • Compliance with the requirements of international standards and management systems.
  • —Establishment and support of an open dialogue and a feedback between the society and the company.

The company’s philosophy concerning consumers:

  1. We strive for diversifying and improvement of the consumers’ life, proposing them a wide assortment of our products.
  2. We set salable prices for our goods and services.
  3. We respond quickly and efficiently to demands and desires of our consumers.
  4. We constantly look for more effective and convenient ways to serve our customers.
  5. We tend to make our production an innovative and effective one.
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